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Renowned watch manufacturer, CORUM, proudly presents its latest masterpiece, a groundbreaking Concept Watch that pushes the boundaries of design and technology. Established in 1955, CORUM has consistently upheld its core values of boldness and creativity, cementing its position as a leading innovator in the watch industry.

The all-new Concept Watch from CORUM showcases a perfect fusion of organic shapes and sustainable materials. The watch case, inspired by round, organic forms, is meticulously crafted from recycled titanium grade 5. This not only demonstrates CORUM’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also adds a unique touch to the timepiece’s aesthetics.

At the heart of this exceptional timepiece lies a mesmerizing flying tourbillon movement beating at 3 Hz (21’600 a/H) with a power reserve of 90 hours. Every component of the movement has been carefully crafted and appears to float within the sapphire plates, creating a visually stunning effect that captures the essence of elegance and craftsmanship. The dial, located beneath the movement, crafted from aventurine stone, evokes the captivating imagery of a meteor shower, adding a touch of celestial beauty to the Concept Watch.

CORUM’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design extends to the caseback as well. The expert design team in La Chaux-de-Fonds has created an intricately etched design surrounding the uniquely shaped opening. The window highlights the tourbillon, mainspring, and gear train, while the engraving vividly explains the main functionalities of the watch’s components. This artistic representation showcases CORUM’s dedication to blending form and function seamlessly.

Notably, the bracelet of the Concept Watch is a testament to CORUM’s innovative spirit. Crafted from a unique and recycled textile material, it offers unparalleled comfort and durability. Additionally, the brand new adjustment system ensures a perfect fit for every wrist, showcasing CORUM’s commitment to inclusivity.

The Concept Watch, presented in a 39,5mm case, transcends the confines of traditional gender labeling, proudly embracing a universal appeal. This highlights CORUM’s dedication to challenging conventions and embracing a more inclusive future.

As CORUM continues its journey of redefining luxury timepieces, the Concept Watch serves as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. By merging cutting-edge technology, striking design, and sustainability, CORUM reaffirms its position as a pioneer in the watch industry.

About CORUM  

Founded in 1955, Corum represents creative and daring watchmaking. Corum uses an approach free of dogmas that enables a reconceptualization of movement construction, its casing, and the artistic crafts that brighten the dial. Behind the many technical achievements (baguette movement) and aesthetic achievements (Coin Watch, Feather, Bubble), Corum continues the tradition of high-quality watchmaking that is ahead of its time.  

Corum, established in La Chaux-de-Fonds, is opening itself up to the contemporary, street art, and classical art worlds, and in doing so attracting the attention of various trendsetters. At once disruptive yet respectful of its watchmaking heritage, Corum maintains its status as a niche brand aimed at demanding collectors of unconventional timepieces. Corum’s current pillars include five collections that embody its vision of 21st-century watchmaking: Admiral, Bubble, Golden Bridge, Heritage, and Lab.  

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Even if this Concept Watch is not for sale, the estimated retail price could be CHF 420’000.-

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The grand opening of Corum’s first Concept Store, the Corum Watch Club, took place on Thursday, May 11. Set in the bustling city of Bangkok, the store celebrates almost 30 years of partnership with Baechtold Jewelry & Watches and will be overseen by second-generation family member, Tevin Baechtold.

Founded by Dr. Soipetch Resanond Baechtold and Mr. Philip Baechtold, Baechtold Jewelry & Watches has been by Corum’s side as their leading brand since the 1980s, and as an exclusive partnership since 1993. Throughout the 30 years, Baechtold has worked with every era of Corum, beginning with the founding Bannwart family. Tevin Baechtold, together with Corum’s Vice President, Mr. Boon Chong Soon, worked on an exciting new project to launch in Thailand, in honor of their long-standing partnership, with Corum granting Baechtold the courtesy of conceptualizing the first-ever Corum Watch Club.

More of an unconventional clubhouse than a traditional retail store, this will be a welcoming community for customers and collectors alike, with no membership required. The goal is not only to relax and enjoy seeing the latest novelties but a place to learn more about the brand through special exhibitions and events, along with a tranquil environment to savor a drink and a cigar.   

The décor of the modern concept store takes advantage of wood sourced locally in Thailand mixed with contemporary white surfaces. A balcony offers spectacular views of the city from the 2nd floor of the Gaysorn Shopping Center in Ratchaprasong District, known as a lifestyle destination for Thais, and tourists alike. The location was chosen for its preponderance of luxury hotels, shops, restaurants, and spas, as well as its proximity to the city’s 8 most famous spiritual shrines. 

To celebrate the brand and its creativity, the Corum Watch Club will have timepieces on display from private collectors as well as historical pieces from the Corum museum. The goal is to help new collectors learn about the brand, its creativity, and innovative techniques. Additionally, there are also plans to include some special limited editions created specifically for Thailand’s passionate connoisseurs, as well as Corum’s recently released jewellery collection, that due to its limited availability, will be rarely seen elsewhere.

Corum’s Vice President, Boon Chong Soon, said “For several years, we have been exploring how we could provide a space for Corum collectors and fans in key markets. Thailand has always been a strong market for Corum, especially with the support of the Baechtold family. Now with the second generation of leadership, we feel that it is also a chance for Corum to rejuvenate its place in this loyal market. Not only will this space be a place for our current collectors and fans, but by providing a space to hang out and being the place to be, we feel that a new generation of Corum watch lovers will now have a place to discover the brand and learn about the history behind the Maison”.

The Corum Watch Club is located in Gaysorn Tower. Gaysorn is the leading department store in Bangkok, which can be easily accessed by car or Skytrain, and is open daily from 11:00 – 19:00.

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New Corum Concept Store Thailand

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Golden Bridge Jewelry by Corum

Image courtesy of CORUM

The idea for the Golden Bridge was born when Corum co-founder René Bannwart met Italian-born, self-taught watchmaker – and later co-founder of the A.H.C.I. (Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants/Horological Academy of Independent Creators) – Vincent Calabrese. Calabrese had created a movement that was structural and airy with nothing seemingly tangible about the watch but the movement, and no dial to hide the watchmaker’s work. Corum turned Calabrese’s handmade concept into reality thanks in great part to dynamic and original design and a good rapport between the two men. The Golden Bridge’s famous baguette-shaped movement was complicated to make initially – and complicating it even further was the fact that the duo wanted to make the movement in 18-karat gold, a rare feat. 

The watch, whose name comes from the prominent gold bridge inside a cage of sapphire crystal, sent a message to the world that mechanics and art can coexist to make a beautiful, wearable object that is undeniably unique and absolutely unforgettable. Number 001 was presented to the Musée International d’Horlogerie (MIH) in La Chaux-de-Fonds on September 25, 1980, and it is still on exhibit there.

From Corum’s inception, part of the brand’s legacy has been the fact that beauty and style have always been a part of its design, therefore, jewelry was never a foreign concept.  Corum crafted many boldly styled jeweled watches in the 1970s and 1980s (and beyond) – around the same time that the Golden Bridge appeared.

Among these were the Césars of 1989, a collection of unique watches named after Roman emperors, and the Olympus and Pyramide models of 1987, powered by quartz movements and putting every emphasis on their jewelry-like countenances.

The Golden Bridge also received this treatment in the late 1980s and 1990s: it not only came in wrist versions adorned with gold, platinum, and gemstones but was also offered in pendant form to be worn around the neck in a great variety of shapes.

Severin Wundermann, who took over Corum in late 1999, was interested in continuing the jewelry side of Corum. Watch models like Sugar Cube, Potpourri, Heart, Buckingham Vision, Jewels of India, and the Classical Squelette Joaillerie were definitive jewelry pieces that incidentally told the time. And it was Wundermann and his team who had the idea to use the tonneau shape for the Golden Bridge to continue to set it apart.

Today’s proprietor of Corum, Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Limited, continues this daring tradition with a brand-new collection of jewelry modeled on the brand’s iconic Golden Bridge in partnership with Baechtold, a jewelry maker with which Corum has partnered for more than 30 years. Baechtold, established in 1975 by a German sculptor, is now led by the current general manager and co-owner Tevin Resanond Baechtold, who lived in Germany and studied jewelry design there.

Together, they continue the tradition with jewelry pieces defined by and in homage to the Swiss brand’s icon, the Golden Bridge. In a new collection of jewels made to be worn to accompany the iconic watch (or not!) Corum proves its mettle when it comes to accessorizing. “For me, this project is as much about passion as paying tribute to Mr. Bannwart,” says Vice President of Corum, Boon Chong Soon. “In the past Mr. Bannwart produced a limited jewelry collection based on the Corum key logo, but it ended after a few short years. Moving forward with new Corum jewelry is also our way of remembering the past – especially Mr. Bannwart, and the iconic tonneau shape of the Golden Bridge – while adapting it for the future. Most importantly, this is also a project developed with a second-generation partner who shares the same love for Corum as we do.”

“Making jewelry to accompany Corum’s Golden Bridge collection has been a passion project for a long time and being able to complete the collaboration has been very fulfilling,” enthuses Tevin Resanond Baechtold. “For owners of a Corum Miss Golden Bridge, this jewelry is a beautiful way to expand the presentation of the watch and the iconic shape itself. And to admirers of the classic Golden Bridge, I am most excited to introduce these jewelry collections as they allow collectors to be in full Corum mode – the jewelry really completes the look!”

Corum Golden Bridge Jewelry

Though Corum did not invent the “barrel” case shape called tonneau that has come to define the form of the Golden Bridge, the creative brand has indeed applied it in a fascinating way. First to house the transparent masterpiece of a timepiece that bridges every era of Corum and now to define an elegant jewelry collection. While this jewelry beautifully supplements the Golden Bridge, it also stands on its own thanks to its unique character and unparalleled quality.

The gemstones used in the Golden Bridge Jewelry collection are natural white diamonds that have been mined ethically in accordance with the Kimberley Process and the Responsible Jewelry Council Code of Practices. The gold used is ethically sourced and/or recycled. Each gemstone is perfectly brilliant cut, F-G in color (white), and VVS-VS in clarity.

The jewelry comes in four collections and is available in both 18-karat white gold and 18-karat rose gold, just like the watches.

Tonneau Snow

The Tonneau Snow jewelry collection takes its cues from the “icy” Golden Bridges that have graced the iconic collection for years and the tonneau shape that became part of the Golden Bridge’s design vocabulary more than 20 years ago. It is comprised of 18-karat white or rose gold and two different sizes of high-quality natural diamonds in a unique setting that resembles the sparkle of freshly fallen snow.

The elegant Tonneau Snow ring is available in both S and L sizes. The S size, influenced by the compact look of the Miss Golden Bridge, is somewhat narrower to look more proportionate on delicate fingers. It is set with 42 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.84 ct). In the L size, the shape of the Tonneau Snow ring more closely resembles the larger-size Golden Bridge watch with more gold and diamonds visible on the finger. It is set with 50 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.17 ct).

The Tonneau Snow pendant is a real eye-catcher. As Corum’s self-proclaimed centerpiece of the collection, it is set with 43 highly visible brilliant-cut diamonds (1.13 ct). A rose gold double chain gives it double the presence, too. 

This collection is capped by the luxurious Tonneau Snow creole earrings. The eternally classic pair of earrings is set with 72 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.10 ct) and can truly be worn with anything from jeans to formalwear – and everything in between.

Tonneau Pavé

The Tonneau Pavé jewelry collection is characterized by classic pavé-set diamonds in combination with the tonneau shape of the iconic Corum Golden Bridge. It comprises 18-karat white or rose gold and high-quality pavé-set natural diamonds that provide endless scintillation. The pavé setting comprises very small diamonds that are set so close together that it looks “paved” with the metal prongs between the stones seeming to disappear.

The Tonneau Pavé ring comes in S and L sizes to fit every hand size, both of which feature 86 diamonds (0.41 ct). The perfectly matching pair of Tonneau Pavé creole earrings are set with 128 diamonds (0.54 ct). Making up the final element of this tonneau-shaped parure is the Tonneau Pavé pendant, which is pavé-set with 98 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.57 ct) and comes on a delicate white gold chain that allows the pendant to take center stage.

For those who desire pure sparkle, Corum also offers a variation called Tonneau Full Pavé with even more scintillating gemstones since the tonneau shape is completely filled in with gold and brilliant-cut diamonds. The Tonneau Full Pavé creole earrings are set with 110 diamonds (1.0 ct), while the Tonneau Full Pavé ringalso comes in S and L sizes to fit every hand: the S size is pavé-set with 91 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.78 ct), while the L size boasts 105 diamonds (1.14 ct).


The Icon collection is based on the same tonneau shape as the Golden Bridge and the other jewelry lines but has evolved to include repeating tonneau shapes, making it appear more independent and daring in character. It is a unique, fresh design that can stand on its own.

The Icon Eternity ring plays with the codes of the established eternity ring by repeating its emblematic tonneau shape ad infinitum. Delicate yet determined, this timeless piece of jewelry is so easy to wear that it is destined to become its owner’s constant companion. Set with 144 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.60 ct) its sparkle is boundless and eternal. The matching Icon Eternity creole earrings are the perfect partner statement to the Icon Eternity ring: set with 76 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.39 ct), they are just as understated yet just as much of a presence.

The Icon Eternity bracelet is more than fun; it is a serious piece of jewelry. Available in two sizes – S (small) and R (regular) – the Icon Eternity bracelet makes its own statement on the wrist, worn either on the same wrist as one’s own Golden Bridge or the opposite wrist for a spectacular double effect. Set with 354 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.53 ct in S and 1.69 ct in R), this piece is certainly a must for the owner of a Miss Golden Bridge.

Petite Tonneau

Peace and serenity characterize the Petite Tonneau collection, which is comprised of bangle bracelets and rings in a total of three styles that feature repeating tonneau-shaped inlays.

Petite Tonneau 

The Petite Tonneau style features only 18-karat white or rose gold and no extra gems for an unadulterated look that is pure class.

Petite Tonneau half set 

The Petite Tonneau half-set style features tonneau-shaped inlays that are set with brilliant-cut diamonds. The Petite Tonneau ring contains a total of 48 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.27 ct), while the Petite Tonneau bangle bracelet boasts 80 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.59 ct). 

Petite Tonneau fully set 

The Petite Tonneau fully set also features tonneau-shaped inlays, but here it is not only these that are set with diamonds: everything is set with brilliant-cut diamonds. The Petite Tonneau ring fully set features 120 diamonds (0.54 ct), while the Petite Tonneau bangle bracelet fully set boasts 358 diamonds (2.37 ct) for a luxurious look that makes the wearer feel extravagant.

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The Corum Bubble 47 Central Tourbillon by Label Noir

CORUM has teamed up with Label Noir in a new collaboration to manufacture a unique timepiece dedicated to the renowned Macau Master of Time Event. By partnering with Label Noir, the Swiss watchmaking company, located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, has given carte blanche to Label Noir’s creative team, which specializes in bespoke timepiece customization.  

The Bubble collection, and more specifically the emblematic CORUM Bubble 47 Central Tourbillon model, has been enhanced with the most distinctive features of the Geneva-based customization brand: black, acid green, textured finishes, and grey and matte tones, in order to highlight its deeply contemporary essence.  

The fruit of their collaboration is an unmistakably Corum watch loaded with signatures, symbols, and stories.  

In the year 2000, CORUM introduced the Bubble, an oversized wristwatch with a domed sapphire crystal. A design so radical that the timepiece has become a must-have for the new millennium. It bridges the gap between two universes, watchmaking, and pop culture.  

The Bubble Collection was Severin Wunderman’s rendition of his own vision of creativity. The entrepreneur had just acquired Corum when he launched the Bubble. At that time, he was inspired by a highly technical and experimental diving watch, able to withstand enormous pressure, which was topped with a thick glass dome.  

Severin Wunderman took this inspiration and translated it into the iconic Bubble, a generous 47 mm diameter theater stage. The Bubble is now an arena for artistic experimentation, a lounge where Corum hosts its proms and invites other performers, graphic designers, and artists to collaborate, contributing their creativity and artistic talent to bring a new level of avant-garde designs to the brand. 

Label Noir has applied all its expertise in colors and finishes to emphasize, in its own way, how to read time and make the Bubble a monument of contemporary watchmaking. The idea sounds simple enough, however, the resulting effect is powerful and impressive. All the more so since the model chosen for this collaborative venture is a Corum milestone piece, an obvious creation, a purely technical piece of fine watchmaking, featuring an (almost) traditional complication: the Bubble Central Tourbillon.  

An almost conventional complication, in fact, because this tourbillon, which features traditional architecture, has been freed from the periphery of the dial to its center. This sidestep turns the whole architecture of the movement and the display upside down: everything is reversed, from the mechanical show in the center which is amplified by the Bubble’s dome, to the display – no hands, just indicators – around the edges.  

Several versions of this central tourbillon have already been produced in various materials, with the aim of anchoring this watchmaking ‘spacecraft’ into traditional haute horlogerie’s world while playing with opposites, such as steel and blue, gold and black.  

Label Noir went for a different approach. Very graphic finishes, deceptively minimalist, because the play of nuances is complex, with anthracite and silvery hues, matte finishes, bracelet (matte textured black rubber), case (grade 5 titanium treated with black ADLC), bezel (grade 5 titanium coated with satin black ADLC), right down to the plate. No longer an assembly of different parts, this watch is a whole: one continuous thought process with a bubble on top.  

A few more dashes of steel enhance the dial pattern, numerals, and display discs, and refocus the eyes on the central body, the beating heart, the tourbillon. 

Finally, what must be read is highlighted with a few strokes of contrasting color: acid green, Label Noir’s signature, is added to the hour-minute indicators, the dual mark, and the strap stitching. 

About CORUM  

Founded in 1955, Corum represents creative and daring watchmaking. Corum uses an approach free of dogmas that enables a reconceptualization of movement construction, its casing, and the artistic crafts that brighten the dial. Behind the many technical achievements (baguette movement) and aesthetic achievements (Coin Watch, Feather, Bubble), Corum continues the tradition of high-quality watchmaking that is ahead of its time.  

Corum, established in La Chaux-de-Fonds, is opening itself up to the contemporary, street art, and classical art worlds, and in doing so attracting the attention of various trendsetters. At once disruptive yet respectful of its watchmaking heritage, Corum maintains its status as a niche brand aimed at demanding collectors of unconventional timepieces. Corum’s current pillars include five collections that embody its vision of 21st-century watchmaking: Admiral, Bubble, Golden Bridge, Heritage, and Lab.  

In brief  

On the dial, only Corum x Label Noir appears. A minimalistic approach for a collaborative piece and a subtle work of nuances, like a picture, a revealing dip to grasp this watch’s genius and spirit: a Bubble with its mechanical heart, a sapphire dome, and a central tourbillon. And to emphasize the uniqueness of Corum Bubble Central Tourbillon, Label Noir was careful to unify the piece, the strap and the case, the case and the bezel, the bezel and the discs of the dial. With just a few indications outlined in green, Label Noir reminds us that it is still a watch and that its main duty is to tell time.  

Additional information

  • Reference: L406/04433
  • Recommended Retail Price: CHF 95’000.-
  • Unique piece
  • Available: Jan 2023

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CORUM Bubble 47 Automatic Luminescent Tiger

Ref. L082/04378 – 082.310.20/0601 TI01

It was during the famed Basel watch exhibition in the year 2000 that Corum first unveiled its now-legendary Bubble watch. With an oversized case and huge domed crystal, the Bubble was the brainchild of the equally legendary Severin Wunderman, then owner of the brand. That first Bubble wowed the world and the timepiece quickly developed a cult-like following. Now, Corum is introducing a brand-new Bubble 47 featuring a luminescent tiger on the dial. A nod to the year of the tiger that is ending.

CORUM Admiral 42 Automatic Black Sandblasted

Ref. A395/04324 – 395.201.98/V800 AN90

The new Admiral 42 Automatic watches offer updated design details and upgraded finishing on cases. The Full Black Monochrome version, crafted in sandblasted stainless steel with a gradient black dial and nautical pennants in grey, offers an almost ethereal appeal. The unique monochromatic hues seem to recall fog rolling in from the oceans. The sandblasted steel features an anti-fingerprint coating for the bezel, case, and bracelet. Just 100 pieces of this striking watch will be produced.

CORUM Admiral 38 Automatic Black Unisex

Ref. A082/04368 – 082.202.95/F371 AN25

Versatile, the new Admiral 38 Automatic has no gender! The nicely sized 38mm watch is lighter in weight thanks to a titanium case which gives unparalleled comfort on the wrist. Additionally, the automatic movement with oscillating weight is visible via the sapphire case back. This black model with elegant touch of gold also features the Corum’s unique Grenadier Fendu finishing on the dial. It is crafted in a black titanium case and is offered with a matching black rubber strap.


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