Since its inception in 1955, Corum has always been on the cutting edge of design and technology, regularly taking risks with daring looks and innovative movements. That may be why the brand is known for many different icons in time, from the Coin watch to Admiral and Bubble. Easily the strongest legend in the Corum lineup, though, is the Golden Bridge watch with the world’s first-ever in-line baguette movement that was first released in 1980. Just over 30 years later, in 2011, Corum released an automatic version of the in-line movement that also took the world by storm. 

Now, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Automatic Golden Bridge, Corum takes another leap, unveiling a new Automatic Golden Bridge series with avant-garde case that delivers sweeping views of the meticulously finished movement.

The original, almost rebellious, in-line movement was first created in the 1970’s by  Vincent Calabrese. A self-taught Italian watchmaker with a passion for doing things differently, Calabrese had begun working on the idea of showcasing an incredible movement as an integral part of the overall design of the watch. He presented his patented concept, a 45-piece highly skeletonized in-line movement, at the 1977 Geneva International Inventors’ Show and the astute management at Corum immediately acquired the patent and worked with Calabrese to develop the revolutionary movement.

The first Corum Golden Bridge, with movement parts made of gold, made its debut at the 1980 Basel Fair. The alluring caliber – showcased in all its glory – was an immediate success and captured hearts around the world. Since then, all of the iterations and evolutions – with their minimalist design and gorgeous baguette movement – have left an indelible impression on the watch collecting world.

Naturally, when Corum opted to create an automatic version, it turned to its strong research and design team to develop the complex caliber. The creation was more than four years in the making, as the brand tirelessly pursued a way to showcase a floating linear movement with an oscillating weight on rails. The Corum Golden bridge Automatic, unveiled in  2011, ushered in a new era for this contemporary icon.

Corum 10th Anniversary Golden Bridge Automatic Collection

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the automatic in-line movement, Corum releases the new Golden Bridge Automatic series. Consisting of four models, the tonneau-shaped case offers a dramatic view of the movement thanks to the panoramic sapphire crystal and case back in a larger size. Also, for the first time, Corum creates the sapphire crystal as a single sapphire piece that extends from the top crystal to the sides of the watch  – allowing for a  360-degree view inside. Sapphire is one of the most difficult materials to deal with as it is brittle and can break in the manufacturing process. It also requires special attention to corners and metal case connections to render the watch water resistant. However, Corum’s in-house engineers and watchmakers have mastered the process with this single piece that covers the top and sides.

The new versions feature cases created in polishable Grade 5 titanium with the crown at 6:00 for ergonomic comfort and for aesthetic appeal. They include a titanium and 18-karat gold model in a limited edition of 150 pieces, and a full titanium version in an edition of just 50 pieces. Each of these two materials are also offered with diamonds set on the case. Just 100 pieces of the diamond-set titanium-and-gold version will be produced, and only 25 of the diamond-set titanium watch will be made.

Additionally, Corum has invented a discretely placed floating harness system for its hand-applied indexes, yielding a highly modern and sophisticated flair. The design is actually born out of the need for  function. Because there is no dial to affix the indexes to, the harness system links to the movement base so that the markers seem to be floating in space.  As indicated in the series name – Golden Bridge – the main plates and bridges of the movement are in 18-karat gold for all versions.

All of the 10th anniversary Golden Bridge Automatic watches boast a sapphire case back made of smoked crystal for an almost mystical look. Additionally, they are all powered by the original automatic movement that remains incredibly advanced even by today’s standards. With all of its 194 parts in one line, the exclusive Corum Caliber  C0313 boasts 40 hours of power reserve, a variable inertia balance wheel for long-term precision, a miniaturized barrel and main plate, bridges made of 18-karat gold, and a platinum linear oscillating weight.

Water resistant to 30 meters, the Corum Golden Bridge Automatic 10th anniversary watches are  finished with a soft-touch alligator strap and triple folding clasp. If the new case and breathtaking side views aren’t enough, perhaps the best thing about this series is the amazing new entry-level price for the Golden Bridge Automatic.




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The refined rectangular look of the Golden Bridge is the original case shape of this iconic in-line baguette movement that was introduced 40 years ago by the avant-gardist founder of Corum, René Bannwart.

“The Golden Bridge became an icon in watchmaking because it was the first watch to be fully transparent showing the work of the watchmaker and the beauty of the mechanics.“ Elizabeth Doerr, Watch Journalist & Editor-in-Chief of Quill and Pad.

Today, Corum is paying tribute to the very first model from the collection by introducing two new limited edition models to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

Golden Bridge Rectangle 40th Anniversary in 18k white gold.

For the first iteration of the Golden Bridge Rectangle, Corum added an astonishing play of finely hand-crafted floral engraving on the 18-carat white gold case to create yet another classic edition of the signature Haute Horlogerie timepiece. The acanthus and fern plants are a nod to the “Style Sapin” created in La Chaux-de-Fonds. These floral details have been engraved on all Golden Bridge baguette movements since the timepiece was launched in 1980. This masterpiece is limited to three pieces honoring the three co-founders of the Brand which was born in 1955.

Golden Bridge Rectangle 40th Anniversary in 18k rose gold.

While the Golden Bridge is proudly honoring its 40th anniversary, Corum is also celebrating its 65th birthday. The 18-carat rose gold version salutes the 40th anniversary of the Golden Bridge collection with an original “Limited Edition 1 0f 40” engraving inside the watch case at 3 o’clock and honoring 65 years since the Brand’s creation with Corum’s iconic symbol – the key – on the sapphire case back. Faithful to the roots of the collection, this Haute Horlogerie timepiece features an 18-carat gold Golden Bridge baguette movement.

“We were inspired by the Art Deco period,” explained Boon Chong Soon (Corum Marketing and Sales Director), “which formed the basis for some of the first pieces designed by Mr. Bannwart. In including our iconic emblem of the Corum Key on the sapphire case back for the Rose Gold version, and hand-engraving on the entire case of the White Gold, these are not only for the anniversaries of Corum and the Golden Bridge but also a tribute to the artisanal history of watchmaking in La Chaux-de-Fonds.”

Perfectly proportioned, the Golden Bridge fits beautifully on the wrist, and unlike its role model from 1980, thanks to modern technology this refined version is fully water-resistant to 30 meters.  The Golden Bridge Rectangle shows a timeless and discreet elegance, yet focuses on the functionality of its brilliant movement, leading the eye along the path of Caliber CO113’s energy transfer from spring barrel at 6 o’clock to the escapement at 12 o’clock.




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Golden Bridge 40th Anniversary

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Exactement 10 ans après leur première série limitée commune, le détaillant parisien et la maison de La Chaux-de-Fonds créent une nouvelle œuvre conjointe, limitée à seulement 10 exemplaires.

En 2010, la maison familiale Dubail et Corum scellaient leur destin avec une collaboration horlogère limitée à 25 pièces, une Admiral’s Cup toute de noire vêtue avec des accents de rouge. Une pièce rare dont les collectionneurs se sont rapidement saisis et qui posait les fondations des séries exclusives Dubail : très peu de pièces, gravées et numérotées, aux accents de noir et de rouge.

Depuis, Dubail s’est imposé comme un partenaire de premier plan pour Corum. Le détaillant, fort de six adresses parisiennes, s’est spécialisé sur la Golden Bridge ainsi que sur les collections joaillières de Corum.

La Golden Bridge s’est donc naturellement imposée lorsque Corum et Dubail ont voulu célébrer les 10 ans de leur première série limitée commune. Le modèle retenu est la Golden Bridge Round 43 mm. Une pièce atypique, un cercle parfait au sein duquel s’étire le célèbre mouvement baguette de la maison, créée il y a tout juste 40 ans (1980).

Ses ponts et sa platine sont en or, gravés du nom de la maison, terminés à 6h par la couronne permettant la mise à l’heure et le remontage d’une réserve de marche de 40h. De part et d’autre de ce mouvement se déploient quatre séries symétriques de câbles. Pour Dubail, ils ont été spécialement traités en PVD noir, tout comme la boîte en titane PVD noir.

Ces câbles poursuivent l’inspiration architecturale de la collection si bien nommée

« Bridge » (pont en anglais). La pièce associe le « pont » qui maintient en place son train de rouages à celui qui traverse les villes et rivières pour relier les hommes.

Symbole d’ouverture, le pont est aussi l’un des ouvrages d’art les plus complexes jamais réalisés par l’homme, une prouesse capable de défier les siècles et les éléments. La construction, suspendue dans le vide, convoque l’esthétique des plus grands ponts érigés par l’homme. Elle souligne aussi le caractère aérien du mouvement baguette : le Calibre CO113 et ses 16 haubans parviennent à conjuguer

l’expression légère et suspendue du mouvement avec la force et la résistance de la structure câblée.

Pour Dubail, Corum a habillé sa Golden Bridge d’un bracelet alligator, à la place du caoutchouc. La pièce, gravée et numérotée, sera disponible en mars 2020, uniquement chez Dubail Paris, et éditée à seulement 10 exemplaires.




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Golden Bridge Round 43 Limited Edition DubailFrance

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